Werstahl - Enameled (Glass) Electric Water Heaters

Werstahl electric heaters are produced in accordance to the highest standards, ensuring maximum quality, high efficiency and long life expectancy. They are CE certified and follow the ISO9001 guidelines.


Technical Specifications:

electric water heater werstahl
  • Large energy savings accomplished by its ability to preserve the water hot for many hours through the use of a high quality ecologic polyurethane insulation of 30mm thickness with a density of 40,5kgr/m3.
  • The internal layer of the electric water heater is made of 2mm thick steel with Bayer's Duro Glass enameling and special heating at 850°C according to DIN4753. It is then tested to 18bar pressure, to ensure maximum durability.
  • The outer shell of Werstahl electric water heaters is made of 0.6mm powder coated steel.
  • Inside the water tank, there is a magnesium rod for protection against corrosion.
  • The water heater is protected by electric thermostat and 10bar pressure valve. It also comes with a thermometer and and a bulp indicator.

Available models for horizontal & vertical wall mounting, or horizontal floor placement.

5lt and 10lt models can be placed both verticaly and horizontaly.




Capacity (lt)
Height (cm)
Diameter (cm)
Weight (kg)
5  41  21,5 x 29 5
10  43,5  25,5 x 29 7
20  44 36 10
40  46,9 44  14.5
60  61,5 44  19.4
80  79 44  22.3
100  94,5 44  27.6
120  111 44  31.5
150  129 44  37.5
5 year waranty sm
CE 120 110


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