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Werstahl Hydro fireplaces are made of the highest quality heavy duty, 5mm thickness steel, welded with robotized high precision TIG welding. They are thorougly tested to ensure the highest durability, pressurized to a hydraulic pressure of 5bar for 24hours.

Our fireplaces are CE certified, their production follows the ISO9001 standards and they are covered with a 5 year full warranty.

5 year waranty sm
CE 120 110


Their officialy certified efficiency, is 79.7%, which is one of the highest possible achievable efficiency numbers for hydro fireplaces and ensures the highest possible energy savings.

Main Characteristics

Hydro fireplaces have the main purpose, to connect to the central heating of the house, and transfer their energy to the radiators or fancoils. They can be the main heating source for most houses (depending on their energy needs) and can replace any other energy source such as oil or gas. Werstahl's hydro fireplaces' main characteristics are:

  • Hydraulic connection to the central heating.
  • Wheels for easy transportation to the installation spot.
  • Chimney's dumper for easy-manual handling of the flow of the smoke and the intensity of the fire.
  • Vertical air flow in front of the glass-door, in order to prevent it from getting dirty and black soon.
  • Secondary burning, which increases the efficiency and takes place at the back of the fireplace where air holes which are drilled on the cast iron, provide oxygen to the fire.
  • Very reliable and durable door sliders, using a German made chain system of absolute quality, for quiet function and long life.
  • Special ecologic painting made for energy fireplaces, with resistance up to 600oC and no bad smells during burning.
  • High quality cast iron parts, made in Greece.


Technical Specifications - Hydro Fireplaces


Video Presentations

Video presentation for Werstahl Hydro 40 Fireplace - working
Video presentation for Werstahl Hydro 40 Fireplace - working


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