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Werstahl biomass multi-fuel boilers

Biomass Boilers

Werstahl Hercules Biomass boilers are automatic multi-solid-fuel boilers, especialy designed to burn Pellet, Olive core, crops, coal etc, as well as wood logs with the addition of a special grill.

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Werstahl wood boilers

Wood boilers

Werstahl wood burners are made of the highest quality heavy duty steel and excellent made in Greece cast iron parts. They are thorougly tested to ensure the highest efficiency, and flawless construction.

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Werstahl pellet stoves

Wood Pellet stoves

Our high efficiency wood pellet stoves feature and electronic board board with temperature and fire intensity control and daily - weekly programming. Low consumption, low noise, high heating power.

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Werstahl solar water heaters

Solar Water Heaters

Werstahl solar water heaters, are produced in Greece, with the finest quality, ensuring top efficiency and high endurance, while managing to maintain the production costs at the lowest possible level.

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Werstahl fireplaces

Air & Hydro Fireplaces

Werstahl fireplaces, are the perfect blend of high quality and low price. They are produced under strict quality control, following the ISO standards and their high efficiency ensures maximum energy savings.

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Werstahl solar forced circulation

Solar Forced Circulation

Using high efficiency sellective solar collectors and high endurance boilers with 1 or 2 large heat exchangers, Werstahl solar systems ensure maximum energy savings and high longevity.

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